Mtg Magic The Gathering Standard Challenger Deck 2022 Mono White Aggro

Mtg Magic The Gathering Standard Challenger Deck 2022 Mono White Aggro

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Standard is the focal point format of Magic: The Gathering where you can play with all the newest cards! The 2022 Standard Challenger Decks feature cards from Zendikar Rising through Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and are designed for the Standard format.

Each Standard Challenger Deck includes a complete 60-card main deck plus a 15-card sideboard, ready to go right out of the box! Amass your army to overwhelm your opponents with Mono White Aggro!

Notice: This Standard Challenger deck contains three copies of the currently Standard-banned card, "Faceless Haven." However, this deck will still be legal for constructed tournament play only as long as no changes are made to the 60-card main deck or 15-card sideboard.

2 Reidane, God of the Worthy // Valkmira, Protector's Shield
4 Monk of the Open Hand
4 Usher of the Fallen
4 Codespell Cleric
4 Clarion Spirit
4 Luminarch
1 Intrepid Adversary
2 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
2 Skyclave Apparition
3 Elite Spellbinder

2 Kabira Takedown // Kabira Plateau
2 Fateful Absence
3 Paladin Class

3 Faceless Haven
20 Snow-Covered Plains

2 Loyal Warhound
2 Portable Hole
2 Selfless Samurai
2 Imperial Recovery Unit
3 Cathar Commando
2 Maul of the Skyclaves
2 Sungold Sentinel

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