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2020-21 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Hobby Inner Case (10 Boxes)

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Pre-Order Details

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August 15th, 2021

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  • 12 Boxes Per Inner Case
  • 12 Packs Per Box
  • 6 Cards Per Pack

Each 2020-21 Upper Deck Ice Hockey Inner Case contains 12 hobby boxes. Each box contains 12 packs with 6 cards in each pack!


  • 3 Base Set Parallels
  • 3 Ice Rink Favourites and/or Lethal Lines Cards
  • 2 Ice Premiers Cards
  • 2 Autographs and/or Memorabilia Cards
  • 1 Sub Zero Card!

The 2020-21 edition of Upper Deck Ice is loaded with autographs, all of which are hard-signed!

Build the 200-card Base Set consisting of regular veteran and rookie cards, and the highly-sought after, serially-numbered Ice Premieres rookie acetate cards.

Collect 10 parallels of the regular veteran and rookie cards, including the Black, Red Auto, Jersey and Gold Patch parallels – all numbered to 25 or less!

Also collect an array of Ice Premieres parallels and insert sets, including Ice Premieres Autographs (#’d to 199 or 99), Ice Premieres Retro (#’d to 149) and Ice Premieres Auto Patch (#’d to 10). Look for 1-of-1 Black parallels of the Retro and Auto Patch sets.

Each box contains at least two regular or Black parallel Ice Premieres or Ice Premiers Retro cards, on average.

The popular Sub Zero Stars and Sub Zero Rookies cards are back! Collect one regular or low-numbered Gold parallel card per box, on average.

Look for super rare Sub Zero Rookie Variants cards featuring the top rookies from the Sub Zero Rookies checklist. Lucky collectors will find Green Auto parallel cards numbered to just 25.

NEW! This year’s edition features four awesome new insert sets:

Ice Box: An acetate insert featuring top legends, star veterans and standout rookies. Keep an eye out for Red parallels as well. All Ice Box cards are serially-numbered and autographed!

Ice Rink Favourites: An acetate insert featuring a collection of star veterans who are the face of their franchise.

Lethal Lines: This special set features top lines in the game today. Each card is part of a three-card puzzle. Collect and build all 10 puzzles!

Electric Ice: This set features a checklist full of the best players in the game today and is numbered to just 50.

Hunt for autographs from current stars and legends of the game via the stunning Glacial Graphs acetate insert. Keep an eye out for serially-numbered Black parallel cards!

Collect a wide variety of coveted Exquisite Collection cards, including Rookie, Rookie Signature, Material Signature, 2003-04 Rookie Auto Patch and 2009-10 Rookie Auto sets! Look for low-numbered Gold and 1-of-1 Black parallels of each set!

Rare Fire & Ice autograph cards are back featuring top stars and rookies. Collect the Fire version and the Ice version of each standout player!


Autograph Cards:

  • Base Set – Red Auto Parallel #’d to 5
  • Base Set Rookies – Red Auto Parallel #’d to 5
  • Base Set – White Snowflake Auto Parallel1:240
  • Base Set Rookies – White Snowflake Auto Parallel 1:60
  • Ice Premieres Autographs (Tier 1)#’d to 199
  • Ice Premieres Autographs (Tier 2)#’d to 99
  • Glacial Graphs 1:150
  • Glacial Graphs – Black Parallel Varied #’ing
  • Ice Premieres Auto Patch#’d to 10
  • Ice Premieres Auto Patch – Black Parallel#’d 1-of-1
  • Signature Swatches1:288
  • Signature Swatches – Black Parallel Varied #’ing
  • NEW! Ice Box (Tier 1) #’d to 99
  • NEW! Ice Box (Tier 1) – Red Parallel #’d to 5
  • NEW! Ice Box (Tier 2) #’d to 25
  • NEW! Ice Box (Tier 2) – Red Parallel #’d to 5
  • NEW! Ice Box Rookies (Tier 1) #’d to 199
  • NEW! Ice Box Rookies (Tier 1) – Red Parallel #’d to 25
  • NEW! Ice Box Rookies (Tier 2) #’d to 99
  • NEW! Ice Box Rookies (Tier 2) – Red Parallel #’d to 10
  • Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures (Tier 1) #’d to 199
  • Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures (Tier 2) #’d to 99
  • Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures – Gold Parallel#’d to 25
  • Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures – Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1
  • Exquisite Collection 2003-04 Rookie Auto Patch#’d to 25
  • Exquisite Collection 2003-04 Rookie Auto Patch – Gold Parallel #’d to 5
  • Exquisite Collection 2003-04 Rookie Auto Patch – Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1
  • Exquisite Collection 2009-10 Rookie Auto#’d to 99
  • Exquisite Collection 2009-10 Rookie Auto – Gold Parallel #’d to 25
  • Exquisite Collection 2009-10 Rookie Auto – Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1
  • Exquisite Collection Material SignaturesVaried #’ing
  • Exquisite Collection Material Signatures – Gold Parallel#’d to 5
  • Exquisite Collection Material Signatures – Black Parallel#’d 1-of-1
  • Fire & Ice – Fire Autos 1:432
  • Fire & Ice – Ice Autos 1:432
  • Sub Zero Rookies – Blue Auto Parallel 1:96
  • Sub Zero Rookie Variants – Green Auto Parallel#’d to 25

Non-Autograph Memorabilia Cards:

  • Base Set – Jersey Parallel 1:60
  • Base Set Rookies – Jersey Parallel1:30
  • Base Set – Gold Patch Parallel #’d to 15
  • Base Set Rookies – Gold Patch Parallel #’d to 25
  • Ice Premieres – Jersey Parallel 1:30

Non-Auto/Mem Rookie Insert Cards (w/ Parallels):

  • Sub Zero Rookies (Tier 1)#’d to 799
  • Sub Zero Rookies (Tier 2)#’d to 499
  • Sub Zero Rookies – Gold Parallel#’d to 24
  • Sub Zero Rookie Variants1:960
  • Exquisite Collection Rookies (Tier 1) #’d to 399
  • Exquisite Collection Rookies (Tier 2) #’d to 299
  • Exquisite Collection Rookies – Gold Parallel #’d to 20
  • Exquisite Collection Rookies – Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1
  • Ice Premieres Retro#’d to 149
  • Ice Premieres Retro – Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1

Non-Auto/Mem Insert Cards (w/ Parallels):

  • Sub Zero Stars 1:38
  • Sub Zero Stars – Gold Parallel #’d to 8
  • NEW! Ice Rink Favorites 1:10
  • NEW! Lethal Lines 1:6.67
  • NEW! Electric Ice #’d to 50

Base Cards (w/ Parallels):

  • Base Set (1-65)N/A
  • Base Set Rookies (66-100)N/A
  • Base Set – Green Parallel1:1
  • Base Set – Orange Parallel1:6
  • Base Set – Lavender Parallel 1:12
  • Base Set – Royal Blue Parallel #’d to 99
  • Base Set – Ice Blue Parallel1:60
  • Base Set – Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1
  • Ice Premieres – Level 5 (101-130)#’d to 1299
  • Ice Premieres – Level 4 (131-160)#’d to 999
  • Ice Premieres – Level 3 (161-180)#’d to 499
  • Ice Premieres – Level 2 (181-190)#’d to 249
  • Ice Premieres – Level 1 (191-200)#’d to 99
  • Ice Premieres – Black Parallel #’d 1-of-1