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Recommended Age: 12 +

Recommended Players: 1 - 9 Players

Playing time: 90 - 120 minutes

Imagine a dozen or so random humans, robots, and none-of-the-above, each with their own abilities, goals, and secret relationships, have been turned loose on a space station that is going to be incinerated upon its inevitable reentry into Earth's atmosphere. You are one of these characters, and the others are collaborators you have on hand ready to assist you in achieving your goals. But choose them wisely, as any one of them could secretly be another player waiting to betray you!

How to Play:

In Stationfall, each particular character’s victory condition is publicly known, however, which character a particular player is (if any) is secret.  Players can suborn any character in the game, adding their skills and gear to their conspiracy.  During the game, players must decide if and when to reveal their identity to gain their special ability and full control over their personal character. Until that time, a player’s identity and goals can only be deduced by the actions of their conspirators on board.  


  • Play board
  • Rulebook
  • 26 Major character cards
  • 8 project cards
  • Character identity cards
  • Mole cards
  • Alien character cards
  • Drone card
  • Mesosphere card
  • Location cards


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