Clue Doctor Who

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Doctor Who CLUE places your favorite characters on a search through the Universe to rescue The Doctor. Playing as his closest friends and allies, players must reveal who amongst them the Daleks conditioned and mind-controlled to mislead the Doctor, what powerful weapon was used in the crime, and where The Doctor has been taken in the kidnapping, thereby saving him from the Daleks!

  • The most powerful weapons in Time and Space: Vortex Manipulator, Sonic Screwdriver, Hallucinogenic Lipstick, The Moment, Strax's Gun, Clara Cyberman Gun
  • A game board fit for a Time Lord featuring custom imagery of the most iconic locations from the show
  • Six kidnapping suspects with personality cards with special rules for each player
  • Rumor Cards & Intrigue Cards for true detectives
  • 2-6 Players
  • Ages 8+

Box Contents

  • Custom game board
  • 6 Suspect movers and personality cards
    • Amy & Rory
    • Commander Strax
    • Madame Vastra
    • Clara Oswald
    • Jenny
    • River Song
  • 6 Custom weapons
    • Hallucinogenic Lipstick
    • Clara Cyberman Gun
    • Vortex Manipulator
    • Strax's Gun
    • Sonic Screwdriver
    • The Moment
  • 21 Intrigue cards
    • 13 Player abilities
    • 8 Pocketwatch clocks
  • Rules

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