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Trial By Trolley R-Rated Track Expansion

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Number of Players: 3-13
Playing Time: 30-90 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 18+

Trial by Trolley takes the classic Trolley Dillema and turns it way past eleven. Argue why the people on your side of the tracks deserve to be spared, sabotage the other side of the table and convince the conductor to murder them all, or play as the conductor and make traumatizing life or death decisions!

Now with two brand new R-Rated Expansions; R-Rated Modifier (SBG4902) and R-Rated Track (SBG4901).

This dirty expansion for Trial by Trolley adds 100 awful R-Rated modifiers to spice up your trolley murders. There’s a lot of really bad stuff in here. You’ve been warned!

Contains 100 new modifier cards.

Requires the Trial by Trolley Core Deck to play

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