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Digimon Card Game Next Adventure Booster Box

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Pre-Order Details

Pre-Order Details

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PRE-ORDER Manufacturer’s Release Date:
January 28th, 2022

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  • 24 Packs Per Box
  • 12 Cards Per Pack

Each Digimon Card Game Next Adventure Booster Box 24 booster packs, with 12 cards in each pack!


Hybrid Digimon like Susanoomon and EmperorGreymon make their debut!

Tamers and Digimon from the Digimon Frontier anime (2002) are here!

Fans will love playing with tamers like Takuya Kanbara and Zoe Orimoto!DOUBLE BOX TOPPER PROMOTION

Each display box contains parallel art Tamer and English version exclusive alternative-art SR Option Card box toppers! DIGIMON ADVENTURE (2020) CAMPAIGN RARES

Eight new “Campaign Rare” cards based on characters from the Digimon Adventure (2020) make a special appearance! Fans of the Digimon anime will love this set!GOLDEN ALTERNATIVE-ART DESIGNS

Alternative art cards feature a glorious golden design!

Players and collectors will love this dazzling design of their favourite cards! Specifications:

  • Total cards types: 120
  • Cards per pack: 12


  • Common: 44
  • Uncommon: 30
  • Rare: 26
  • Super Rare: 10
  • Special Rare: 2
  • Campaign Rares: 8