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Number of Players: 1-4

Playing Time: 90 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 14+

Vienna cries disconsolately...Mozart has died! As one of his celebrated patrons, Constanze Mozart has asked you to recall the most notable anecdotes about her fallen husband, which she will compile into his biography. With mechanisms that include hand construction and hand management, Lacrimosa plays over 5 rounds in which you will record shared memories, use scenarios to contract and sell works, visit lavish courts around the continent, and of to finish the Requiem. Will you succeed in honoring the legacy of one of the greatest composers of all time and enter into posterity by his side?

  • The first strategic Eurogame with a historical-musical theme.
  • Rich and immersive art and production, perfectly recreating the history surrounding the lacrimosa story.
  • Key product launch for the Essen Spiele game fair in 2022.

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