Marvel Crisis Protocol Klaw & M'baku Character Pack

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Two new characters with ties to the kingdom of Wakanda enter Marvel: Crisis Protocol in this new pack! Existing as a sentient sound-form, Ulysses Klaw terrorizes the world with a sound generator capable of creating high-volume sonic waves and blasts of concussive force. He is joined by the Wakandan chieftain M'Baku, whose prodigious strength often puts him at odds with T'Challa, but whose influence cannot be denied.

The beautifully sculpted miniatures in this pack help round out the Wakanda affiliation, giving players even more options for their squads. On top of that, this pack also includes three Team Tactic cards that help Klaw and M'Baku unlock even more abilities in the thick of battle.

  • Brings Ulysses Klaw and the Wakandan chieftain M’Baku to Marvel: Crisis Protocol
  • Beautifully sculpted miniatures bring these characters to life on the tabletop
  • These characters give players even more options in the in the Wakanda and Criminal Syndicate affiliations
  • Three Team Tactic Cards give Klaw and M’Baku even more ways to benefit their teams

Box Components:

1 Klaw Miniature, 1 M’Baku Miniature, 2 Bases, 2 Character Stat Cards, 3 Team Tactic Cards

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