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Mtg Magic the Gathering Strixhaven Japanese Set Booster Box

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30 boosters per box, 12 cards per booster.

These Japanese set booster packs offer the perfect way to get the alt art versions of the mystical archive cards unique to the Japanese printing.

This bountiful new set for Magic the Gathering takes you to a brand new plane focused on the wonderful school of Strixhaven. The mystical archives in each pack offer you older cards with brand new art, giving you a taste of the history of Magic alongside the new.

Welcome to the Strixhaven School for mages, most famous mage academy in all of the multiverse. Get to know the 5 colleges and the wonderful students who study under their banners. Each college strives to uphold the ideals of their founders and practice their magical specialties. This plane offers a mystical and magical place to explore rendered in gorgeous art it's sure to be a hit for years to come.

Lets get to know the colleges of Strixhaven so you can start finding the place where you belong in the school, there's a home for everyone in the walls of this school.

Lorehold are the action scholars of the school thriving in the intersection of adventure and research like magical Indiana Joneses. Lorehold students are as often found in ancient tombs as they are in the Library.

Prismari is the college for theatre kids of the multiverse, finding their own way of expressing themselves through magic. Flashy and dramatic and deeply emotional they view magic as a kind of sparkly paint with which to show themselves to the world.

Quandrix students show and explore the beauty of the universe through the rules that govern both magic and physics. Math is magic and they always get their homework done.

Silverquill contains the stylish and witty pupils of magic, they are cunning leaders who always have a plan and a way to convince you that it's the best. These mages are crafty writers using the power of words both to inspire and to damage.

Witherbloom honours the power of life itself, whether you are enhancing life or using it to power your spells. These goths love gallows humour and getting too involved in whatever they are doing.

These set booster packs have 1 dedicated slot for mystical archive cards.

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