Legendary Encounters The Matrix Deck Building Game

Legendary Encounters The Matrix Deck Building Game

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500 Cards per Box

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  • The first-ever Matrix Deck Building Game!
  • Legendary Encounters follows the white rabbit into the world of The Matrix!
  • What is The Matrix? Control heroes including Morpheus, Trinity, Niobe and even
  • “The One,” Neo!
  • Fight against their most notorious adversaries, like Agent Smith, the Merovingian, the Twins, the Sentinels and more! As long as The Matrix exists, humankind will never be free!
  • Play cooperatively with up to 5 players plugging in at once as the included playmat helps them walk the path!This fully playable standalone core set contains 500 cards with images from the Matrix films! Take the red pill, stay in wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes!

Legendary® Encounters: The Matrix Deck building game is a card game themed around the Matrix trilogy. In this Legendary® Encounters: The Matrix, the Plot runs alongside of the Matrix films and reveals all the exciting parts of the Matrix movies. Presenting with choices and contributing to the interweaving storyline. Following the plot of The Matrix trilogy, Players can play as either Neo or other iconic heroes from this Matrix to save human race from extinction.


Expansion set:

o 500 Playable Cards

o 1 Rule book

o 9 Standees

o 3 Tokens

o 1 Playmat

o 60 Dividers


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