Marvel Villainous We Are Venom

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In Marvel Villainous, you'll take the role of an iconic villain and race to complete your villain's unique, story-based goal before your opponents.

This single-character expansion gives players the opportunity to play as the symbiote Venom and must be played with another Marvel Villainous title. To win as Venom, you must bond Spider-Man with the symbiote by playing a number of symbiote tokens greater than Spider-Man's strength. Allies like Riot help Venom while heroes like Black Cat impede him.

Product details:

Play as Venom: With this single-character expansion, you can take on the role of Venom and try to defeat Spider-Man by bonding him to the symbiote. Venom’s Villain deck includes symbiote allies like Riot and Scream. This expansion also includes a Venom “Hero” card that inspired by Venom’s anti-hero storylines.

Iconic Mover: Venom’s game piece features his signature long tongue and toothy grin.

In the box:

  • one sculpted Venom game piece
  • one player domain board
  • 30 Villain cards
  • 14 Fate cards
  • 20 tokens
  • one Reference card
  • one Villain guide

Excellence in Game Design: Marvel Villainous was nominated for the Toy Association’s 2022 Game of the Year award.

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