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Summoner Wars 2nd Edition Sand Goblins Faction Deck

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Number of Players: 2

Playing Time: 60 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 9+

Rev your engines as the Sand Goblins roar into the fray for Itharia! Summoner Krusk has supercharged the inventions of his mischievous tinkerers with the power of his summoning stone. Deploy your devious machines to the battlefield, then customize them on the fly to suit your desires!

From deep within the desert wastes, the Sand Goblins ride into battle! Take the wheel with Krusk, who’s chaotic driving allows him to transport gangs of goblin riders across the battlefield. Soup up your rides with various vehicle upgrades, cruise into battle, and detonate them for maximum mayhem!

Not a standalone game, Summoner Wars Master or Starter Set required to play

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